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What is Stickstagram?

Our mission is enabling you to create great stickers from your Instagram photos

Why do we think anyone needs stuff like this? Because we believe that your photos deserve more exposure than just on the Internet. It would be darn shame if your beautiful, crazy and memorable pics were to fall off your Instagram feed, never to be seen again. Our stickers let you keep your photos alive by bringing them out into the tangible world, to be enjoyed every day. Just stick ‘em in a grid with Stickstagram!


We love Instagram here at Stickstagram. It’s a fun photo sharing app designed to take pics and share them to all of your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It’s basically point, shoot, and share. We love it! And now Stickstagram takes you Instagram experience to the next level: how wow is it to enjoy all your favorite moments on your phone, pad or notebook every day, or personalize surfaces and doors with your pics. Just stick ‘em in a grid with Stickstagram and start creating!


Our stickers are made from special materials, with a matte finish for superb visual properties and surface structure. Stickstagram stickers are easy to apply thanks to the patented micro air channels in the adhesive layer. Our stickers are precision laser-cut, keeping intact the functionality, design and feel of your phone, pad or notebook. Moreover, our stickers are removable without leaving a trace. So you can keep decorating your devices, doors and walls with your latest Instagram pics. Just stick ‘em in a grid with Stickstagram! Enhance your Stickstagram experience and watch the instruction video for your favorite stickers.

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