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Frequently Asked Questions

This site is in Beta fase
If the site's not working for you try using Firefox or Chrome on a non-mobile device. Also logout, clear your browsers cache, and then log back in. Still having trouble? Please shoot us an e-mail and we'll help you out.

Will the stickers fit on devices other than Apple devices?

We are working on making the stickers fit on devices other than Apple's. We'll keep you posted on Facebook.

Can I use another person's photos?

Nope, sorry. We have to play by Instagram's rules.

Can I use my photos if I don't have an Instagram account? Like from a picture library on my computer or Skydrive?

At this moment that is not possible. Let first see how this goes :-)

How do I add text to the creations?

The only way to do this is to make a photo of your text and then use the photo in your creation.

How do I remove stickers from my laptop, phone, etc when I want to?

Using your nail to remove stickers should easily work. To clean the surface of your device you can use an alcohol based cleaning solution.

Can I remove the stickers without damaging the object it was on?

Yes, you can. To clean the surface of your device you can use an alcohol based cleaning solution. Make sure NOT to use a cleaning solution with a dissolvent.

I am not sure about not messing up my device. Are you sure I can do this?

Absolutely! Our instruction video should help you getting the job done.

What if I messed up by fitting the stickers in the wrong way?

Oops, sorry to hear. We saved your order so we can always reprint it for you, but we do have to charge you again. Please contact us if you have any questions.

I have an older model iPhone, can I use Stickstagram?

The older iPhones models (3G /3GS) have a bending surface which makes it more difficult to fit the stickers but it should work all the same. However we cannot guarantee this.

I want to pay with PayPal, is that possible?

Not yet! Follow us on Facebook to be kept up to date.

Where can I see my order status?

Once you've placed an order you get an email with your order confirmation.

Do I get an e-mail when the order is sent out?


Why are the shipping costs for the poster quite high, while those of the other products are none?

The costs depend on the size of the package and where it has to be sent to. We only charge the actual shipping costs and don't make a profit on this!